Forensic Psychology Program

Welcome to the Forensic Psychology Program at the George Washington University. Housed within the Center for Professional Psychologythe Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology degree addresses the nation's critical need for criminal profilers, competency experts, psychological evaluators, and related positions, to help solve crimes and prevent future criminal behavior. Potential employers include agencies involved in homeland security, federal and state law enforcement, correctional systems, and organizations that provide services to criminal offenders and their victims. Students in the program receive a breadth and depth of education and training that combines extensive practical experience with required and elective courses and externship opportunities.


Meet the Program Director

Richard Cooter

Richard Cooter practiced law for 25 years before receiving a degree in clinical psychology from GW in 2004. Since that time, he has performed psychological evaluations for the courts, and he regularly represents individuals who are the subject of involuntary commitment proceedings. He has taught forensic psychology at the graduate level since 2007.