Text: Forensic Psychology Program, Columbian College of Arts and Sciences. Professor Rocio Lopez-Sharifi teaching a class


bridging the gap between
psychology & law 

Investigating crimes, treating offenders and supporting victims

Who We Are

The GW Forensic Psychology Master of Arts Program brings together students who are fascinated by the mind and how it drives behavior. Whether that means using tools to assess an offender's risk of reoffending, investigating unsolved crimes as law enforcement or developing a comprehensive treatment plan for offenders or victims, building a powerful suite of knowledge and skills starts here.

In courses ranging from psychopathology to law, students examine the psychological underpinnings of human behavior for those involved in the legal system. They evaluate the treatment of sex offenders and ethical issues involving interrogation. They learn techniques for successfully presenting expert testimony and advocating for at-risk individuals or populations.

This breadth and depth of training — combined with externship opportunities found only in the nation’s capital — makes our graduates top contenders in growing and competitive fields


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Samiullah Baloch Badini

Samiullah Baloch Badini

MA '19, Forensic Psychology

“I can work to change the laws I can help those people with mental illness who are being put in jail instead of mental hospitals. Having this master’s degree from GW in forensic psychology means I’ll be heard.”

What We Offer