Forensic Psychology Graduate Program

The criminal justice system increasingly relies on professionals skilled in forensic psychology to help solve crimes and prevent future criminal behavior. To address this growing need for criminal profilers, competency experts, psychological evaluators and counselors, a highly-specialized Master of Arts degree in Forensic Psychology was established in 2012 within GW’s Professional Psychology Program.

Under the leadership of Richard Cooter, students are immersed in courses ranging from the psychopathology of serial criminals and terrorist agents to the treatment of sex offenders and ethical issues involving interrogation. This breadth and depth of education and training—combined with extensive externship opportunities found only in the nation’s capital—have enabled graduates to move into fields relating to homeland security, law enforcement, correctional systems and social services for victims and offenders.

Making Sense Out of the Senseless

Photo of guy in orange jumpsuitIn an interview with GW Today, Richard Cooter, program director, discusses the mental health of mass killers—and whether anything can be done to prevent future incidents.