Program Leadership



Pamela Blackwell

Forensic Psychology

Dr. Blackwell is a clinical psychologist specializing in reproductive psychology with substantial experience conducting forensic evaluations and assessments.

Alex Bopp

Forensic Psychology

Alex Bopp is a Senior Trust & Compliance Attorney at IBM.

Michael L. Bourke

Forensic Psychology

Dr. Bourke is the former (retired) Chief Psychologist for the United States Marshals Service and has taught graduate level courses since 2006.

Matt Bruce

Forensic Psychology

Dr. Bruce has specialized in dangerousness and severe personality disorder across various security settings and providers in the UK and US.

Marcus R. Forbes

Forensic Psychology

Dr. Forbes is a licensed clinical psychologist who has worked for 24 years in correctional psychology, currently with inmates convicted of sexual offenses.

Chris Fraser

Forensic Psychology

Mr. Fraser is the Senior Director of Analytics for Exiger Government Solutions.

Michele Godwin

Forensic Psychology

Dr. Michele Godwin is a licensed Clinical and Forensic psychologist in both D.C. and Virginia. She has taught Master's level courses since 2007.

Jacqueline Hazzan

Forensic Psychology

Ms. Hazzan is a Senior Investigator in the D.C. government and a licensed attorney in the District of Columbia.

Katie S. Kelly

Forensic Psychology

Katie S. Kelly is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist at the Granato Group. She received her Psy.D from George Washington University in 2014.

Rocio Lopez-Sharifi

Forensic Psychology

Director of Graduate Studies

Dr. Lopez-Sharifi is Director of Graduate Studies and has been a principal faculty member of the Forensic Psychology program at GW since its creation in 2012.

Blake McConnell

Forensic Psychology

Mr. McConnell is a retired Supervisory Special Agent of FBI who provides support to U.S. counterintelligence and counterterrorism vetting operations.

Linda McGhee

Forensic Psychology

Dr. McGhee is a former attorney and current clinical psychologist specializing in culturally sensitive testing and assessment for diverse populations.

Andrew Moskowitz

Forensic Psychology

Program Director

Andrew Moskowitz is the Forensic Psychology Program Director and a psychologist specializing in trauma, dissociation and attachment.

Jeffrey Spinnanger

Forensic Psychology

Mr. Spinnanger is a senior advisor in the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence, where his focus is technology and counterintelligence.

Jacqueline F. Ward Talevi

Forensic Psychology

The Honorable

Judge Talevi is the Chief Judge of the General District Court for the Twenty-Third District in Virginia.

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